Interview: Time To Change

We sat down recently with Graeme Lamb, the Director of Quo Vadimus Learning Ltd, and the creator of the Time to Change online coaching programme, to find out more about it and how it can help individuals to achieve their goals. The Interviewer was William Barber.

Before we talk about the course, can you tell us a little about yourself, particularly in terms of coaching?

Well, I suppose I first started being involved in some form of coaching and mentoring when I was a leader in the Scouting movement in my teenage years and a little older. I then spent time as a church minister involved in pastoral support, mentoring and coaching with people of a wide range of ages and types.

Then I thought I should do some qualifications when I came out of the church, so got some coaching qualifications, after which point I started working with individual clients more regularly, and then did the same with mentoring qualifications, working with young students and adults in mentoring as part of my work in a college of Further Education. I still do a lot of coaching and mentoring now within that work, although it is mostly as a personal tutor or in a vocational sense. However, I have still kept on some individual clients and often work with individuals who are starting up businesses to help coach them on the things that they need to think about in that context.

Can you tell us the quick, 30-second elevator pitch for Time To Change?

Well in a nutshell, it is an entirely online, self-paced coaching solution that people can use from their computer or any device with an Internet browser, that focuses on five key areas to get them started on improving their life and achieving their goals.

What are the key areas involved in the programme?

The five areas are:

  • money
  • relationships
  • health
  • activities and hobbies
  • work

For each of these areas you will get some directive coaching, and along with a workbook of exercise, you will be able to look at these areas of your life, hopefully in a new way, and start to make some improvements.

So are you looking to fix people’s lives in a few weeks?

Nothing quite so dramatic, but if you take it seriously, you will start to see changes very soon and have repeatable productive exercises that you can use to keep check on your progress.

Who is the course aimed at?

I want to say anyone, but I should clarify that it is aimed at adults rather than children and young people. The most appropriate people for this course are people who feel like they need a bit of a ‘tune-up’ in their life. Perhaps they feel that they have got to a point where they need a nudge or a little extra help to get beyond where they are currently, and this course will help to give them that nudge, as well as some tools to help them along in the future.

If you buy the course, what do you get?

You get full access to the course for 365 days for one year from when sign up, but the workbook you get can be used forever. The course is based around an online learning package that you follow through in order, dealing with each area at a time. There are five sessions which all link together, complete with examples and even audio recorded by myself for every session.

What if the coachee wants more than the online coaching and would like to progress to 1:1 coaching?

There is an option to buy the course with a 1:1 coaching addon at the beginning and also at the end of the course, the coachee is given an option to purchase 1:1 coaching in order to discuss what they have discovered about themselves and next steps.

How much does the course cost?

The self-paced only version costs £25.00, which is amazing value for 5 sessions of coaching, and the version which also includes extra 1:1 coaching, usually delivered online, costs only £70.00, both of which I think are excellent value for what you get out of it.

How many coachees have you had doing the course?

We’ve had a steady stream since it first launched earlier this year, with usually 5-10 people working through it individually at any one time.

Finally, where can people buy and access the course?

You can buy the course from our online shop here, or you can go straight to the Quo Vadimus Learning Ltd online platform, pay and access straightaway, although you can only buy the self-paced version from the online platform, although you can ugrade separately at the end.

Well, thanks for the time, and thank you for sharing all about this coaching with us.

Thanks, I hope more and more people get to benefit as a result of this, thanks for interviewing me.



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