NEWS: AAT AQ2016 Bookkeeping Transactions Revision Course

Today we have launched our AAT AQ2016 Bookkeeping Transactions Revision Course.

The course can be purchased here or here.

This five session online revision course will prepare you for the AAT AQ2016 Bookkeeping Transactions exam.

The course consists of:

  • Five online sessions, one each on: business documents, double-entry bookkeeping, the trial balance, credit sales and purchases, cash book & petty cash book.
  • Separate session on exam support and preparation.
  • Repeatable revision quiz on each of the five core sessions.
  • Interactive eBook PDF that contains the session materials and also questions that can be answered within the PDF.

The sessions are self-paced and repeatable, and purchase guarantees access for one full year.

The sessions are mapped to the AAT AQ2016 Foundation Certificate in Accounting syllabus and provide valuable information and insight on the key topics.

A sample chapter from the eBook can be found here – QVL Ltd BTRN Revision Guide 1.0 Web SAMPLE.

Note: this is a revision course to provide extra help prior to an exam, and is not intended to be a replacement for a course of study.

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