Quo Vadimus LogoWelcome to Quo Vadimus Learning Ltd. We are a Wirral-based learning & coaching company, using evidence-informed practice to help individuals and businesses to learn and improve in the modern world. We bring a wealth of knowledge from schools, colleges, universities and academic research to improve learning and individual learning & coaching performance.

Our services and products are based on and developed from over 25 years of experience in the education & self-improvement sectors.

We provide online learning solutions in a number of different subject areas, as well as producing digital publications to enhance learning and retention of knowledge.

Our coaching and mentoring services include pre-packaged and bespoke coaching solutions, built around a number of common issues in the modern world.



The company focuses on the following areas:

  • Educational and coaching publications and resources.
  • Online learning (using our learning platform).
  • Online coaching (pre-packaged courses on our learning platform and one to one).
  • Face to face coaching (including virtually).